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Technical Executive with a strong visionary hands on experience managing all levels of multiple projects including budget and administration. Skilled in managing diverse teams to accomplish strategic goals. Customer-focused and driven to design practical and usable software/hardware solutions. Practiced manager in Agile development methodologies and principles and an effective Agile Coach. An accomplished systems architect, analyst, and developer. Extensive experience in both conceptual design and physical implementation of automated business solutions for data management and data warehousing as well as vast knowledge of object-oriented programming languages, relational and multi-dimensional databases design, graphical user interface development and multi-tier client/server architectures. Skilled in grasping the big picture, conceptualize, design, and implementation of solutions. Experienced partner with managers and C level executives.


  • Worked with Association leaders to develop a strategy and system for benchmarking membership. Negotiated with clients to achieve price points which presented win-win positions and supported development as a licensed product rather than a work for hire.
  • Create talented loyal teams by assembling diverse technical skills with regular motivation. Communicated direction to the teams and tied responsibilities to the vision and mission of both the products and the company.
  • Developed lasting relationships with many diverse offshore testing and development organizations. Successfully integrated offshore resources, remote/offsite resources and local resources into successful agile teams.
  • Designed and implemented 3 complete data warehouse systems using wide ranging platforms and resources. Each system managed ETAL processes and generated a vast number of data-marts for client consumption.
  • Ten years as a trusted member of the Executive team at Empower IT. Responsibilities ranged from daily management to strategic visioning and policy enactment.
  • Successfully implemented a companywide Agile strategy achieving buy-in at all levels. Implemented a company wide revision control and source code management practice.


  • Technology, Architecture and Integration
  • Project/Program Management
  • Budgeting and Cost Control
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Staff and Team building
  • Leadership/Communication Skills
  • Offshore Development
  • Build Agile teams
  • Client Focused Design
  • Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner
  • Data Warehouse Design
  • Strategic Visioning
  • Oracle Development and Administration
  • SQL Server Development/DBA
  • Windows, UNIX, LINUX, OS X
  • Ruby on Rails, C/C++. PL/SQL, TSQL, JavaScript

    Empower IT, Inc., Bethesda, MD
    Vice President Engineering and R&D 2000-2014
    Responsible for all aspects of technology vision and implementation. Project/Program manager on all initiatives. Manage all system upgrades and migrations from multiple platforms. Selected and directed a team of highly skilled developers, Database programmers, DBAs, Ruby on Rails, C Sharp and C++, SharePoint ASP.NET and MDX. As the Engineering and R&D leader, I take the lead role in planning, design, implementation and testing of all systems and software.

    Director Engineering 1998-2000
    Working with my team we designed, planned and implemented a complete migration from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server. The migration was cost driven and increased data production and delivery by 3-10 times depending on the deliverable platform. Other benefits of this migration were the ability to use Microsoft tools to connect and analyze data more easily.

    Software Developer 1996-1998
    Lead Developer of MarketMaster, an Ad-Hoc BI product for EIT using Visual Basic and C++. Hired and managed a team of developers and migrated the MarketMaster product from a Network Database architecture to an Oracle and Oracle Express architecture. The required production of data-marts was a major challenge and required an entire middleware and backend solution to be designed and created. The outcome was a system which created and delivered over 900 data-marts per month the top 180 Consumer Package Goods companies.

    Contract Developer 1994-1996
    Worked remotely as the developer and designer of the initial release of MarketMaster an Ad-Hoc BI product for EIT using Visual Basic and C++. Worked directly with the VP of engineering to design and implement the appluication and interface with existing data sets.

    Price Waterhouse, New York, NY 1995-1996
    Risk Management Engineer
    Member of a global team developing Option Trading Risk Management Software using C++ and multiple databases including Oracle, dBase and Sybase. Worked Remote in Salt Lake City for two weeks then in New York, NY for several weeks traveling between locations.

    Optionomics, Salt Lake City, UT 1992-1995
    Sr. Software Programmer
    Systems programmer for an Option Trading Research (OTR) system running on IBM AIX. Designed and developed a front end UI to configure, access and retrieve results from the system in Visual Basic and C++. Designed and implemented a dial up modem bank connected to Citrix on IBM OS/2 for remote access to the OTR system.

    Radiation, Safety and Nuclear Products, Salt Lake City, UT 1990-1992
    Nuclear Lab Tech, Software Developer
    Managed collection of radioactive isotopes ir-192 and au-198 for cancer treatments. Designed/engineered/Implemented a system for measuring depth and densities in petroleum refinery separation tanks using CS-137 as an isotope. Created various programs for managing isotopes and decay rates in Cancer treatment using C++ and Basic.


    • Hillcrest High School, Midvale UT
    • Salt Lake Community College, Electrical Engineering, Taylorsville UT
    • Basic Project Management @Task
    • Advanced Project Management @Task
    • Improving Project Management Skills - AMA
    • Effective Project Leadership - AMA
    • Best Practices for the Multi-Project Manager - AMA
    • The Voice of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire, Influence and Achieve Results – AMA
    • Strategic Planning - AMA
    • Certified ScrumMaster, Crystal with Alistair Cockburn
    • Certified Product Manager, Crystal with Alistair Cockburn
    • Negotiating to Win - AMA
    • Advanced Project Management - AMA
    • Technical Project Management - AMA
    • Ruby on Rails - Learn Rails by Example - Michael Hartl
    • Ruby Programming - Pragmatic Studio
    • Microsoft Project Level 1 - element k Courseware
    • Microsoft Project Level 2 - element k Courseware
    • Negotiating To Win - AMA
    • JavaScript From Scratch - Pluralsight
    • Front End Web Development - Pluralsight
    • AngularJS Getting Started – Pluralsight
    • Big Data using Hadoop and Hive - Pluralsight

    Hobbies and Other affiliations

    • Numerous local Meet-up groups and User Groups ranging from Leadership and Management to focused development groups.
    • Active Rider with Ride Allegheny. A group of 80+ riders who ride from Pittsburgh to Washington DC every year raising money for Operation Second Chance in support of post 9/11 Wounded Warriors.
    • Master SCUBA diver Trainer
    • Barefoot Running Coach
    • Ultra Runner